How to Use

  • Rule #1 – Only trade when the Q’s are in an uptrend with 3 or more green days in a row. When the Q’s have a red day, stop trading until the next multi-day run.
  • Rule #2 – Only trade when Marketwide Short Interest is in the GREEN Zone.
  • Rule #3 – Never hold more than 48 hours (unless it’s a mid-cap or large-cap that could take several days to squeeze)
  • Rule #4 – Size your positions based on the Q’s 6 month high. If we are below the 6 month high, use smaller position sizes. Only scale up to large positions when the Q’s are setting new 6 month highs.
  • Look for new tickers on the list each day
  • Squeezability Score above 70%, preferably 90%+
  • No Recent Squeeze (10+ score in this column)
  • All other scores are 5+ (Color coding makes this easy!)
  • Use charts and technical analysis (Don’t buy the top!)
  • Check the company fundamentals, news, backstory
  • Upcoming catalysts?? (Very Important)
  • Know when to sell! The Squeeze is probably over when we see any of these:
    -100% intraday gain
    -Multiple upward halts
    -Shares become available for borrow after days/weeks of zero borrow
    -Juice Target has been hit

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