Alerts Service

With a 90% Win Rate and priced at $50/mth, the SqueezeFinder Alerts Service will provide you with an average of 20+ alerts per week via email (SMS also available, pls email me for details) based on Technical Analysis and Volume Profiling. Alerts will be setup for all tickers on the SqueezeFinder and IPO Watchlists and reviewed daily for accuracy. The Alerts Service also includes access to all of the Watchlists (SqueezeFinder, IPO, and ShortFinder).

Please note this service is recommended for Intermediate and Advanced traders ONLY. Check out the instructions below and if you like this style of trading, then please Subscribe to one of the ALERTS packages at the bottom of the page.

Example Alert on NKLA from 7/13/2023, just a few hours before it squeezed to $3+ !!

  • Step 1: Receive the Alert and check the chart, if the stock is already squeezing then wait and be ready to act quickly on the next dip or support level.
    *(Alerts during the last few minutes of regular trading hours can safely be ignored. These are usually reconciliation trades that give false volume spikes)
  • Step 2: Check the SqueezeFinder Live Watchlist or Ticker Search and make sure the stock still has good scores, also make sure the current price is far below the Juice Target.
  • Step 3: Check the chart and make sure the stock is trending up. Higher lows and higher highs over the last few days/weeks.
  • Step 4: Scale into the trade – WE NEVER BUY A HUGE GREEN CANDLE! We also never buy higher than the price from the Alert. We might open a small starter but then we wait for a pullback to buy more. Ideally, we want to see a 50% retracement if there has been a big move already. We always scale INTO and OUT OF a position. If we FOMO in or out of a trade, we can lose money!
  • Step 5: Know the profile of the stock. If it’s a small cap, then the squeeze might only last a few hours or a day. If it’s a large cap, then the stock might take a few days or even weeks to fully squeeze. For example, the alert may fire on a Monday and the squeeze won’t happen until Wednesday. If a week has gone by with no activity, we will probably cut the trade.

Subscribe to the ALERTS option below:

Level Price  
SqueezeFinder Watchlists $20.00 per Month. Select
SqueezeFinder ALERTS - 1 Week Trial $0.00 now and then $50.00 per Month after your 7 day trial. Select

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