Discord Integrations

The SqueezeFinder Ticker Search Bot is here! This handy little bot will return the scores for any ticker in our Database. It’s basically the Ticker Search page, but running as a Bot in your Discord server. Enjoy!

Usage: !sqf FAZE

Alerts Demo Channel

We’re offering a FREE Alerts package for your Discord Server! Create a new channel for us, and we’ll deliver apprx 1 alert per day into the channel for FREE. Instructions below:

  1. Create a new channel called “squeezefinder-alerts”
  2. Send an email to admin@squeeze-finder.com with the name of your Discord Server and an invite link
  3. SqueezeFinder will join your server and provide daily updates and occasional trade ideas
  4. Pin a post with the instructions and details from my Alerts page, so your members know how to use the service

Subscribe For Access to the Top 25 Short Squeezes:

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